Who is this turkey picking the music?

Hi there!

Greetings from Australia. Yes, I do like to write, but more often procrastinate a million different ways. One of these ways is to find music to write to.

I love music and the right music takes away the static of the world and makes it easier for me to concentrate. Depending on the time of day, what I am writing, and how I am feeling, music isn’t always neccessary. Unfortunately I have a hectic day job where I have to remember a million different things. Sometimes I find it hard to get them out of my head. So when I get home and I want to start doing what I love, which is writing, this music helps. Hope it helps you to.

I like an eclectic mix of music, not just classical, indie, jazz, world, or electronica, but a bit of everything. You’ve got to use what works for you. I find that I need different music for different kinds of writing whether it be fiction, non-fiction, work, or fun. I’m thinking that there will be enough music here for you to find some music that will work for whatever you’re trying to write.

Want to recommend an album?
If you have some great albums that help you use to put you in the mood to write let me know and I’ll review them, unless I hate them or don’t have enough time that is.

How I make money

A while back I went to a conference about making money from writing. One of the ways is by writing about something people are interested in and are prepared to pay for. I have failed pretty badly so far, both in terms of getting enough/many readers to follow the links to buy anything from itunes.Luckily I like writing this stuff anyway, because I love the music.

So if you like the articles, or even if you think it sucks but like the albums, go buy some of the music. Or even better if you like the words, show me some support and I’ll write more articles.

Good luck!

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