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Four Tet – There is love in you

There is love in you is an up-tempo delight. Electonic fizzes, with touches of more organic sounds with a deep melodic sensibility takes you on a worthwhile journey.  While categorised as ambient electronica which it is, the whole picture is more. While not an underground album, you aren’t going to hear it on any hits and memories radio stations.

Like all Four Tet productions there is a mastery of the different frequencies displayed throughout along with great arrangements that set this album and artist apart from so many other artists in the field. Not much to say about this album, as it is a guaranteed winner no questions asked.


No lyrics, all low key beats, with some vocal samples, despite this I would not classify it as an album with lyrics.

The mood of this album is consistently cull.

Good to work to
This is an absolute cracker for those who want some low level beats with pace, but without anything distraction. I could write and encyclopedia while listening to this music, it is absolute quality.

I find similarities to the minimalist works of Reich and Glass in that you feel like you’ve been taken on a thematic musical journey without any of the bumps you might expect along the road. Maybe a slice of Bonobo thrown in, but on the whole less a house music work, and more a thematic one.

I would dive into his back catalogue before bothering to explore any other artists, that’s where the gold is.

The Artist/s
Four Tet is Kieran Hebden a London DJ with serious street creed in the music world with sales to back it up. H was formerly in the band Fridge before branching out and outshining his former band. He is super popular and has collaborated with lots of big UK acts like Radiohead, Aprex Twin and Black Sabbath.

You can check out his website at

Other works
You will be spoiled for choice with Four Tet album although I rate this one as definitely the best for writing to. The other albums are also pretty good and there are a lot to choose from, but the two that have caught my ear are Rounds which has a slightly different vibe, and Morning Side his most recent album as I write this in early 2016.

Rounds whilst less thematic than There is Love in You, takes you on a journey you will find rewarding if you liked it.

Morning / Evening, is thematic in that there are only two tracks, one morning side with a touch of female Indian vocals and the other evening side. I rate this album, but like Rounds, one for those who are already on board with this one.

Where Can I buy it, and in what formats
You can find this album on iTunes and the vinyl was fairly easy to get online also.

The Verdict
Click on the link, or get on your bike down to your local record store and buy it. If you need to write, say no more, this album delivers the goods.