LCD soundsytem - 4533

LCD Soundsystem – 45.33

LCD Soundsystem – 45.33
45:33 has a name that is a play on the 45 and 33 record speeds, the album is longer than 45 minutes and 33 seconds long. The composer is James Murphy the main cog in LCD sound System and DFA. It is a low key electronic odyssey.

This album was commissioned by Nike via marketing and PR firm Cornerstone to help its marketing for one of its products/brand. Nike promoted it as good to listen to when jogging, “to reward and push at good intervals of a run.” It was released originally in 2007 exclusively for Nike people as a gift for registered Nike+ users (whoever they are). It was also for sale on iTunes for a brief period of time and briefly released on CD.

Murphy is quoted as saying the tracks had been refined over several runs on the treadmill. Murphy later said that this was a lie and he does not jog. I find this lie endearing. Murphy was actually inspired by a long instrumental piece called E2-E4 (I assume a play on a chess board move) by Manuel Gottsching. Gottsching later said that 45”33 is more like a megamix of Murphy’s other work, but for all I know he loves Murphy’s other work and listen’s to the album when he’s jogging in his Nike shoes wearing a Nike headband, on his iPad, iPhone, and iBatphone when he’s making love (beep beep beep)


No lyrics in the main, but a few more used as samples than anything else. On the whole mainly just beeps and squeaks

Upbeat, and fast moving. This is an album that pushes you along.

Good to work to
Very good uptempo tracks

Electronica, a slightly more beefed up version of the genre midway between Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, and acoustic, disco.

The Artist/s
LCD Soundsytem is the alter ego of James Murphy dance and rock collaborator. Some of the tracks on 45:33 are derivative of tracks that were, or were to be recorded by LCD sound system. I think there is no doubt that James Murphy is a talented artist with a great ear for a hook.

James Murphy – drums, percussion, drum programming, handclaps, bass guitar, guitar, vocals, glockenspiel, clavinet, organ, synthesizer, vocoder
Alex Frankel – wurlitzer piano
Eric Broucek – programming
Jason Disu – trumpet
Carter Yasutake – trumpet
Terra Deva – vocals

Other works
Many others but none I would equate to having anything like the vibe of this album. That is perhaps a little hard line as some of the tracks on this album were later used in the LCD Soundsystem – Sounds of Silver album. The other albums of LCD sound system definitely don’t have the same vibe. I have friends who really rate LCD Soundsystem, I have never been such a fan. I do like this album to write to, and DFA which is basically Murphy do a great 10 minute+ long dance remix of the Gorillaz track ??? She’s com in up, she’s com in up with samples from the great Shane McGowan of the Pogues.

There was a 45:33 remix album re-released in 2009 but I have not heard it, sorry. I like working to it but I don’t find it groundbreaking enough to go and find everything associated with it.

Where Can I buy it, and in what formats
Originally only released on iTunes, now rarer but available in other formats. I have seen it for sale on various sites on vinyl.

The Verdict
I am not sure whether it is because of it’s links to Nike that is limiting my praise. This is a little hypocritical as if you didn’t know of the Nike link you would judge it on its merits. You don’t judge Shakespeare more harshly because some of his plays were commissioned by royalty with some commercial and health related parameters on what could be said.

This is a good album to listen to if you want to get typing quickly. It is not going to send me to the metaphysical depths of my brain pan, but realistically for a lot of the things I write I don’t need that level of inspiration, and sometimes even for the writing I care the most about, I just need to pump out some words.

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