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Bonobo – Black Sands

Bonobo – Black Sands – writing music
This is a contemporary electronic groove mood album that bubbles along. No doubt at some stage it will be considered cliqued along with its production values, but for me it works. It all fits together and despite the fact there is some cleverness the music fits together thematically and maintains the grooves that work for my brain to keep typing away.

This album is put together tightly and works without the kind of distractions that may throw you off track while you’re writing. There are lots of tight drums, keyboard, the occasional sample, violin, bleeps, but all very smoothly worked in.

Tom the french dude who works in my local coffee shop put me onto this album, and it is certainly flavour of the last few years, and prime grooving in the coffee shop kind of music. If this album were a colour it would be warm and tasty, kind of like caramel. It has good production, but it is quite subtle. Definitely not and in your face kind of album.


Some but not a lot of lyrics. There is the odd downbeat songs with lyrics, but not the kind where the vocals feature to an extent where they are used as much more than another instrument. Groove lounge music.

This is a really chilled out groove album that is more reflective and downbeat than anything else. It’s not really the kind of music that is going to have you opening a vein, but don’t expect any chuckles. The whole reflective tone of Black Sands is exactly what you want when you are writing.

Good to work to
I got it as a safe birthday present for my brother and it works well for dinner parties and for writing when you are already on track and know what you want to write. Sometimes when you’re in the groove a metaphorical athletic support can help everything on its way.

This is a great album to work to for all styles of workers. It is an experimental style of music, but done in a very safe way. It might not sound that attractive, it’s something you could play for your mum without any fear of upsetting her.

Despite this mixed review, take it from me just plug it in and you’ll start working. It’ll get you tapping. The nice thing about this album is that it keeps moving. For me all that is important is to keep moving, keeping on typing and the music has done its job. You might even enjoy it after a while I definitely have.

This is one of those albums that used to be included in ministry of sound compilations, that are played at groovy bars and coffee shops.

The Artist/s
Bonobo also known as Simon Green is an English DJ.  Bonobo has been releasing music side 1999. I have only known about him for the last few years, but that means nothing. His work has been described as trip hop electronica, and many other strange words, such as ‘new downtempo’.  New downtempo, give me a break!

Other works
Bonobo’s more recent offering is called “the North Borders’ is quite a good album also and comparaitive in quality for your writing aid.

Where Can I buy it, and in what formats
You should be able to find this everywhere. I’m sure this sounds great on vinyl, but I don’t know whether I’d bother, I like it but more in the background when I’m doing things.

The Verdict
This is a good one to listen to first before making the perfect. I think it works really well, but I don’t think this groove album is for everyone. Black Sands definitely takes you on a journey. It is a seamless journey but a journey nonetheless. I find this whole concept of a journey really important in an album I write to it gives my head some peaks and troughs. Who knows whether some of the sounds will appear dated in a few years, regardless I think it will still serve its purpose. The one thing I will say is that for some people this music will not different enough to take you into a different headspace.

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